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Monday 21st October

A Product Designer's Instinct

Ryan Singer, Product Manager at 37Signals

Great product designers cut to the essence of a problem. They have an ability to sniff out what really matters and focus in on what the user wants. How do you do that? Ryan will share a model of the product development process that encapsulates the intuition he built up after ten years of designing easy-to-use software products.

Resources: Employees, Sub-Contractors & Outsourcing

Molly Connolly, Thorsen Consulting

A surprising number of FileMaker development companies list their greatest issue as the inability to find trained talent to support their growing business. In this facilitated discussion we will talk about the current state of market in terms of finding talent (where to find them, who to hire, how much they cost). We'll also information about the pros and cons of hiring employees, sub-contractors and outsourcing and talk about when and why it makes sense to "grow your own" developers.

RESTfm Tools

Nicholas Orr, Goya

Using Web Services for solution licensing and delivery.

Nicholas Orr from Goya will demonstrate how you can use RESTfm Web Services as a glue to connect your FileMaker clients back to FileMaker server over the web. This gives you access to our RESTfmTools library which has modules for solution delivery to iOS and Desktop, Licence validation and synchronisation. If you've never used Web Services before you will learn how simple it can be to send requests from any version of FileMaker client to a RESTfm enabled FileMaker Server.

How to Compete in the Cloud

Joe King, World Cloud

World Cloud will present five topics of interest for
developers in the real-world:

1. Make your FileMaker solution a SAS solution by automatically
activating/deactivating access based off subscription status without
creating your own billing system
2. Offer 24/7 support to your clients and compete with the 'big guys'
without going broke- including live chat within your FileMaker solution
3. Deliver FileMaker Pro 11/12+ via HTML5 without modifying your solution
(including support for QuickBooks and other apps)
4. 'Bullet-proof' on-site servers with real-world disaster recovery and
replication solutions
5. Learn how participating in our FileMaker Marketplace (coming soon) can
facilitate sales and provide one-click demos- no need to install FileMaker

Worldcloud is serious about supporting professional developers, come and
let's have a conversation on how FileMaker can be used to compete with 'web'

Architecture Design: Critical Factors for Commercial Products

Ernest Koe, Proof Group

Whether you have an existing solution you'd like to extend to dozens of additional customers, or you are thinking about enhancing or even re-writing your system this session is for you. Having developed many systems and recently gone through a massive product upgrade, Corn will talk about his top recommendations for designing a system that is built to last and easy to support.

Examples and Suggestions will include:
-Data structure: To separate or not to separate?
-Key components of security set up
-Interface conventions to help with training and support
-Modularizing reports to accomodate customization

JumpStart FM

Molly Connolly & Debbie Zempel

JumpStart FM is a one month, virtual training program designed to bring someone new to the platform up to speed. Through a series of webinars, assignments and mentor feedback, students not only learn the basics of FileMaker, but develop a long-term training plan and the resources to become a successful developer.

Note: This is a vendor session, so there will not be a formal presentation. It is an opportunity to stop by for a brief overview of the program as well as suggestions on how to "train your own" apprentice.

Art of Value

Kirk Bowman, MightyData

Have you ever asked the question, "How do you price this?"

It is one of the most important questions you will answer.

In this session, Kirk Bowman from Art of Value will discuss three steps to answer this question: discover the value you create, explore ways to offer that value, and learn to price that value. These steps will help you create happier customers and make more money in your business.

Kirk will walk through a recent case study where he helped a software company raise their prices 175%.

Reserved for Podcast Recording

Jonathan Fletcher

Jonathan Fletcher is interested in interviewing developers and business owners for his segment on FileMaker Talk called The Business of FileMaker. Sign ups will be available at the registration desk.

Pitch Your Product

Craig Motlong, Josh Smith, Dave Johnson

This is an opportunity for attendees to give their "elevator pitch" to an audience of experienced sales, marketing and product development professionals. The panel will give the attendee suggestions, advice and constructive criticism on how to take the next best steps to take their product to market.

Help!! Someone Stole My FileMaker Product!

Steven Blackwell

You expend years of undergo countless trials and errors...and finally your product is ready to make money for you. But what have you done to protect your hard work from thieves who would steal it and sell it as their own? Or from those who might use it without paying you? Steven H. Blackwell will discuss techniques FileMaker developers commonly include in vertical market solutions that leave them severely exposed. He will then discuss methods you can employ to protect your hard work and bottom line.

Using a Framework for Development

Jason Sanders, Extensitech

"Development Principles for a Hybrid Approach to Extensible Custom Development" - showcasing xBase v12.

Extensitech's success is hinged the use of our xBase platform in all of our custom software projects. Since xBase includes a vast feature set, a consistent look and feel, administrative tools, navigation scheme and a mother-load of developer conventions, we're able to come to the consultation table and give our clients an emphatic YES!

With this year's release of xBase v12, we've added even more yeses including a full email client, Google Calendar integration, and tons more.

We will discuss the benefits and challenges of using a framework to start projects and discuss some of the technical feats achieved to standardize the framework in the first place.

Web Service Manager

Sara Mulligan, 360Works

Expanding your horizons with 360Works: Creating an API using Web Services

360Works offers a wide range of third party tools and solutions to really push the limits of what your product can do with FileMaker. With Web Services Manager, quickly and easily offer a robust web API to your solution, allowing nearly any other system to integrate with yours instantly. Now, your product uses a standard SOAP XML format to serve as a powerful API, putting FileMaker on an even footing with every other technology.

Building a Learning Culture for Greater Innovation and Creativity: Part I

Allen Imbarrato & Jason Mundok

The recent DevCon 2013 theme was "FileMaker: Platform for Innovation". Fully utilizing FileMaker as a platform for innovation requires a business culture and mindset that supports learning, growth, and creativity. This session will explore key principles and building blocks that can help you create an optimum learning culture to produce innovative and successful products.

Nurturing an innovative learning culture will help you:
-Provide better customer service
-Improve problem solving and troubleshooting
-Develop effective collaboration and teamwork
-Embrace change and technical learning challenges
-Retain current customers and staff
-Attract new customers and staff
-Produce high quality products

Real World Development Practices: Developing on Live Systems

Danny Mack, New Millennium Communications

Live Development - Best practices for radically reducing or eliminating risks

In an ideal world, we would have long timelines, test environments and a team of quality assurance professionals testing every update to our systems. But this is the real world and real world scenarios often demand live development changes.

This session will discuss techniques for reducing or eliminating risk including:
* Offline testing
* Understanding the fundamental rules for copied and pasted code
* Testing with different access privilege levels
* Error trapping for table, schema, and layout locks
* Using a separation model, where as much development as possible is done in an "Interface file".
* Using specialized files for certain purposes (reporting for instance), which can either be a variation on the separation model, or "scratch tables" (extracting data and then reporting on it in another table/file)

Building a Learning Culture for Greater Innovation and Creativity: Part II

Allen Imbarrato & Jason Mundok

Attendees to Part I may wish to follow-up with an interactive workshop to follow-up on the concepts addressed in the earlier presentation.

The recent DevCon 2013 theme was "FileMaker: Platform for Innovation". Fully utilizing FileMaker as a platform for innovation requires a business culture and mindset that supports learning, growth, and creativity. This session will explore key principles and building blocks that can help you create an optimum learning culture to produce innovative and successful products.

Nurturing an innovative learning culture will help you:
-Provide better customer service
-Improve problem solving and troubleshooting
-Develop effective collaboration and teamwork
-Embrace change and technical learning challenges
-Retain current customers and staff
-Attract new customers and staff
-Produce high quality products

NRG Ship

Chris Larson, NRG

NRG Software offers simple software solutions for business users. We've found a niche in helping businesses automate and optimize workflow around order processing, data management and our specialty - shipping integration.

Stop by for a demo or consultation about how we can partner together to help you add simplified shipping options to your solution.

Secret Sauce: Internal Systems for Managing a Growing Software Company

Joe Mastrianni & Joe Panto, HAPPY Software

Whether you're just starting to experience growth or you are a fully established company, as a developer, you know you need to leverage internal tools to streamline your operation. HAPPY Software will demo the internal systems they custom built to manage their growing software company. In this session, we'll also encourage discussion of optimal tools for success for daily operations from bug tracking to file management.

Tuesday 22nd October

Product Market Viability: Do I have a product?

Craig Motlong, Pacific Writing

You have a great product or a great idea for a product but what will it take to get the word out about your product and distinguish your product from the competition? In this session, we'll talk about determining the marketability of your product, identifying various channels to market and sell your product, and actions you can take to start getting the word out about your product today.

Best Practices for User Support & Training

Cris Ippolite, iSolutions

In this session, veteran trainer Cris Ippolite will share insights and solicit input from the audience on best practices for providing excellent user support and training. Is classroom training and user documentation dead? How can you use videos, FAQs, improved interface and forums to meet customer needs? The session will discuss other techniques that assist in increasing users understanding of your system and ultimately lowering cost of support.

Open Discussion: How do you use RunTime Solutions & Why?

William Miller, HighPower Data Solutions

If you have ever used or are considering using a runtime solution--please stop by to talk to William Miller. He's gathering information on how people use runtimes.

fmSearch Results

Daniel Gray, MSN Media

MSN Media presents fmSearchResults which lets you easily add fast, multi-table searching to any FileMaker database solution. fmSearchResults gives you a single, global search widget you can include on any layout to search across any number of tables and fields you specify. Take users out of Find Mode and into a single search bar that they all know intuitively how to use. Simply add a few Tables, Table Occurrences, Layouts and Scripts and fmSearchResults is up and searching within minutes. No plugins required!

fmSearchResults requires FileMaker 9.0 or higher. fmSearchResults is developed by Matt Navarre of MSN Media, and published by SeedCode.

Futures Panel: Mobile & SaaS Opportunities & Challenges

Dave Johnson, Joe Mastrianni, Doug Rawson & Josh Smith

In this panel discussion, we'll explore the challenges and opportunities presented to us by users increasing demands for mobile access to their data. How are companies currently embracing mobile and SaaS services and how did they get there? We'll encourage audience participation as we discuss what the push for "anywhere" access means for our current client-server model.

Estimating Techniques for Enhancements & New Product Development

Debbie Zempel

Whether you are going to offer customization services for your product, or lock it down completely, you will always need to make enhancements and updates. In this session, we will talk about how to define the specific features you need to build and establish a realistic timeline to develop those features. More accurately estimating the scope of your development products can help you be more effective delivering on your promises and also help you make informed decisions about what features make sense for the overall profitability of your company.


Jeff Almquist, SeedCode

Jeff Almquist of SeedCode will be demoing GoZync, SeedCode's unlocked framework for syncing offline FileMaker Go apps. Jeff will be discussing some of the features that make GoZync especially attractive to product developers, and he'll be taking questions about how you can use GoZync in your own solutions. "Offline" is THE use case for mobile applications--come see how you can take your solutions offline.

Made for FileMaker

Ryan Rosenberg, FileMaker, Inc.

Ryan Rosenberg, Vice President of Marketing & Services for FileMaker, Inc. will be available to talk to attendees about the new "Made For FileMaker" site to promote their products. He's interested in answering questions and soliciting feedback on the site.

Best Practices for Upgrades & Updates

Doug Rawson

How do you manage the complex array of issues associated with keeping your customers up to date on the most current version of the FileMaker platform AND the most current version of your product. What tools can you use to assist with data migration? How can you help your clients plan for change and what expectations should you set in terms of how often you provide updates and releases? What about support, documentation and product training? We will look at the tools being used by Base Builders to provide support, training and online documentation to clients around the world.

Mobile Application Development & Prototyping with FMGO

Josh Smith

Josh Smith is an mobile application developer who will lead a discussion on his approach to mobile application. He'll also talk through how he's used FMGo as a prototype for large scale appdev projects. Topics discussed will include challenges and limitations of deployment and support.

Partner with FileMaker: All about SBA & FBA

Julie Sigfrinius, FileMaker, Inc.

Julie Sigfrinius, Manager-American Channel & Latin America will be discussing attendees opportunities to partner with FileMaker, Inc. through their SBA and FBA programs.

This session will not be recorded and will require attendees to sign an NDA to attend as she has new, confidential information to share.

Reserved for Podcast Recording

Jonathan Fletcher

Jonathan Fletcher is interested in interviewing developers and business owners for his segment on FileMaker Talk called The Business of FileMaker. Sign ups will be available at the registration desk.

Inspector Pro

Vince Mennano, Beezwax

Diagnose, debug, and document FileMaker databases faster and easier than ever with InspectorPro, the must-have tool for every FileMaker developer.

Come explore why a tool like InspectorPro can help you uncover things you did not know about your FileMaker solution and help you make the best first impression with your product. Find clutter you don't need any more, detect problems you did not even know existed, compare what changes you have made between versions, and gain insight into your "Script Universe", using InspectorPro's unique data visualization tools for FileMaker.

In addition, we'll go "under the hood" with InspectorPro (itself a FileMaker Pro database), looking at techniques using ExecuteSQL, the Design Surface, and Javascript to build a modern, robust FileMaker solution.

The Design Master Class For Product Developers

Albert Harum-Alvarez, Lead Designer, SmallCo

Step into the Design Master Class and get honest and direct design criticism of the experience and style in your product. Presenters have one minute to explain the goals and roles of the existing application and answer the question "Who uses this tool, and what do they want to accomplish?" After the one minute intro, Albert will facilitate a live critique of the solution.

Managing Product Customization Projects

Jason Mundok

Development services around customizations can often take up more or your team's time than the research and development you need for future versions of your product. Successfully balancing the two worlds of product development and customization projects means keeping your custom projects on budget, within scope, and delivered on time. In this session we will explore 4 aspects of custom development project management that are critical to maintaining control and setting proper expectations. I will introduce each aspect, share my experiences with each using an Agile project management approach, and then facilitate discussion around each aspect to share our collective approaches, ideas, and challenges.

Four aspects of custom project management that we will discuss are:

Discovery - how do you gather requirements for customizations?
Resources - how dedicated are your developers to customization projects?
Changes - how do you manage mid-project requirements changes?
Status - how do you report project status to your customers?

Refresh FM

Nicholas Orr, Goya

Updating your solutions the easy way with RefreshFM.

Nicholas Orr from Goya will show you how you can quickly and easily build updaters for your solutions. RefreshFM allows you to customise the updater and brand it with your own product name and logos, and then send it out to clients as a single FileMaker file that runs the entire update process in a single click. With a new version that also does conversions from fp7 to fmp12 and will work with external stored container data, there is no solution that RefreshFM can't update.

FileMaker Academy: Developer Resources & Training

Sara Mulligan, 360Works

FileMaker Academy offers a host of free webinars and content for developers. They also offer training and coaching services. Come talk representatives of the academy and find out more about the learning resources they provide.

Proven Techniques to Boost Your Product Sales: Panel Discussion

Dave Johnson, Craig Motlong, Joe Panto

The Product Developer community is a unique space because we share technical and business issues but rarely compete against each other. In this panel discussion, experts will share stories about their most effective marketing and sales techniques. We'll open the discussion to the room and create a laundry list of take-away tasks to help put you on the path to effective marketing and increased sales.

Solution Maintenance Focus Group (must pre-register to attend)

Eric Jacobson, FileMaker, Inc.

Eric Jacobson, Group Product Manager for Client Technologies, will lead a small, targeted focus group as they discuss the most import issues involved in solution maintenance. He is interested in talking to commercial product and tools developers discuss their issues upgrading and migrating solutions in order to see if there are ways FileMaker can help. If interested in being part of this focus group, please email in advance of the conference.

Leaving a Legacy: Writing code that other people (and you) can understand

Jerry Robin

More than anyone else, product developers need to think through how their code will scale (and be maintained) over time. In this session we will discuss and provide examples addressing the following topics and much more:
-How writing readable code makes you more likely to write good code
-Trapping for errors that could never happen, just in case they do
-Effective use of indenting, spacing and the Let function in calculations
-The symbiotic relationship between good pseudocode and useful Comments
-Using clear, descriptive script and variable names to make your code almost self-documenting

Drawing on our years of experience working on other people's databases and having to read - and fix - lots of confusing code, we'll show you how to write good new code, and also how to rewrite that unreadable old code that you inherited.

Deployment: Installers, Time Bombs, Citrix etc.

Scott Karch, Nimbus Hosting.Net

The product is built and you're ready to deliver but what steps do you need to take to ensure a successful deployment? Scott Karch talks about your options for deploying solutions. He'll also talk about the basics including setting up installer files, trouble-shooting server set-up and why his organization began offering hosting for clients.

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